What makes an effective Induction video?

In order for your induction video to be effective it needs to maintain a balance ensuring that it not only covers all of your OHSE requirements but that it remains interesting and relevant to the inductees.

In any discipline of film production be-it drama, documentary or educational, "The Script is King". The script is the plan and just as with any other project if the plan is deficient then the finished project will reflect those deficiencies.

It stands to reason then that good planning is essential in film making, the more refinement and effort that is put into script development, the better the end result will be, the best cameraman, the best actors and the best editor can never compensate for a poorly planned script.

Unfortunately most of us do not have the luxury of uninterrupted time to devote to script development, sure we know what we need to cover with our Induction Video and we have an idea of how that can be achieved, but without the experience of knowing what will and will not work on screen, often the result is a confused message prone to misunderstandings and in extreme cases complete dismissal as irrelevant by the Inductee.

In order to avoid this potentially dangerous and expensive outcome it pays to spend time with a professional, at RIGVIDS we prefer you to have an outline of your requirements only, our professionals can then develop the script and run through it with you in order to ensure all of your Induction objectives are met and that filming can commence with confidence.




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