Now that you have an agreed script and a comprehensive plan of what the film-maker requires in order to shoot the film, it is in everyone's best interest that sufficient preparation be undertaken to ensure the filming process runs as smoothly as possible.

As is the case in all industry TIME is the enemy of filmmakers, the rig environment is no exception in order to keep costs down the filmmakers stay is usually limited. Consequently in the name of expediency please ensure that you have,

  • Discussed the filmmaker's arrival and your objectives with your personnel.
  • Ensured that all personnel who are to be filmed are in clean PPE and have been briefed, provided their consent, and that they will be available when required or at least, at short notice.
  • Ensured that all items, signs, lights, offices, walkways etc. called on to be filmed; are clean and in good serviceable condition, there are few things more frustrating than having to wait while safety yellow dries on handrails or warning lights are reconditioned.
  • Safe secure storage is available for the film-maker's equipment, the use of an office or simular is also very helpful.
  • A copy of written safety induction standards and competencies available for confirmation that the script addresses them completely.

Oil rigs are busy environments where time is money; at RIGVIDS we recognize this fact and will work with you to ensure our involvement is trouble free, unobtrusive and respectful of the operations of your personnel and the business function of the rig.




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