RIGVIDS experience coupled with our up to date in-house facilities ensures we manage your video project through the entire production process from Conceptualisation, Scripting, Filming and Photography. Language Services, Editing and Transfer to DVD or Tape in any format anywhere in the world.


No matter what location or language RIGVIDS have the capacity and experience to handle your induction video requirements. At RIGVIDS we prefer to produce client specific presentations tailored to reflect your commitment to safety and assist in meeting your OHS&E objectives and obligations. A typical video will commence with an introduction statement on safety from senior management, be followed by visual and narrative overviews of the inductees obligations, an explanation of T-Cards and their application. Station or Ships Bills. Basic life preserver equipment, Alarms and Drills, PPE, Work Permits, Third Party Contractors, General Safety Guidelines, Unsafe Work Policies, Highline Operations, Access Ways, Environmental Policies, Hazard Reporting, House Keeping, Smoking Policies, Banned or Restricted items before concluding with safety reminders and a short definitive take away statement on safety.


RIGVIDS produce client specific safety videos for use in the development of your safety conscious workplace, thereby maintaining your company standards and protecting your hard won corporate image and of course your contractual and moral obligations.


Wouldn't be nice to have the media on your side for a change, as producers of award winning films RIGVIDS will develop insightful and informative documentary or magazine style productions that accurately reflect your corporate position. Contact us to discuss how we can assist you in telling your story your way.


As "They" say Image is everything. Whether established or an emerging corporation RIGVIDS can assist you in the development or maintenance of your corporate profile by ensuring all productions reflect your defined corporate image and style.


Your industry was built on the vision and courage of those who laid the foundations for what has developed into world's best practice for innovation and evolution. The most experienced may well have yet to leave their greatest mark on their industry. Their experiences, their personal stories can inspire the next generation, the emerging professionals who stand ready to make their mark on an exciting future. Why not recognise your corporation's founders, greatest contributors or even those who stand ready to take up the mantle.

RIGVIDS will produce compelling and entertaining documentary style videos that record the history or represent the future of your industry and your corporation. Contact us for an obligation free discussion.


In addition to video production RIGVIDS provide professional photography services to compliment your marketing and corporate strategies, please take a moment to view our galleries or contact us to discuss your particular requirements be they Portrait Action or Stylised.




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